Survey: What’s the appeal of songs that aren’t the original?

Here’s a survey for me to get information on your thoughts on taking an original song and making it something else completely. And of course, there will be a follow-up article with all the information gathered. 

The Appeal of Remaking Originals

Switching styles is about music that’s original but unoriginal in a way. It’s music that has its basis in something else. In a way, the artists that we showcase that use songs as building blocks for creating their own work.

Why start a blog on cover and parody songs?

The short answer is that I like them. I find them on YouTube. I stumble upon them on Facebook. I research them. I talk with people about them. The more I do those things, the more interested I get. I’m delighted by them and I want to share that with people. The long answer starts with being an…

Definitions Of Covers And Parodies

Switching Styles is a blog about all the joys of cover and parody versions of songs…but what exactly are covers and what are parodies? And what’s the difference? Let’s start with covers. Covers are a recording or performance of a song that was already recorded by a different musician, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. They are…